It is quite coincidental our company name being NXT Journey, because the past 6 years have definitely been just that- a Journey.

I grew up around trucks in our family transport business in a small Australian town called Cootamundra. After school and on weekends, most of our time was spent at the depot. My dad had trucks and touring coaches, so we were either washing vehicles; or as we got older, greasing them, adjusting brakes or other general maintenance.

Through my twenties I drove singles and b-doubles in the eastern states, mainly between Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and occasionally to Brisbane. During this time on the road I could never seem to find a practical bag for work. A truck drivers work bag! So started the process of designing one. I didn’t know it at the time that it would one day become reality and we would launch a bag company.

Ideas are easy. Its the making them a reality that is the hard part

I am not sure what happened in 2013 to make me revisit the idea of a specifically designed truck drivers bag, but I am glad for whatever reason it was that created the spark.

We launched the Original Truckie Bag in November 2015 after two years of designing, prototyping and testing. We followed this up with updated versions of the bag in 2016, 2017, 2018 and now Version 5 in 2019. Continually improving the bag has become a passion. Never settling for good enough.

I will be the first to admit that we haven’t always got it right. But what business can boast that they have? We have learnt many lessons along the way and are constantly looking for new opportunities to get better.

We have had the absolute privilege to work with some of Australia’s most prominent brands, to create custom printed bags. The trust that these companies have shown in us; a small family run company, will never be forgotten, or taken for granted.

I hope you like what we have done with Version 5 and if you are planning on updating from previous models, we really appreciate your continued support.

Truckie Bag Version 5 – Available now.

What’s New?

✔ Thicker internal padding for greater support and protection

✔ New easy glide Zippers

✔ Stronger interior lining

✔ Fully lined storage pockets

✔ Improved Velcro for secure internal dividers


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