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Worker Leaving Home

How to keep romance alive in a FIFO relationship

By Chris Edwards | 06/08/2017

If you are a person who regularly works away from home for long periods, you will have some special challenges when it comes to maintaining long term, loving personal relationships with your partner. Fly In-Fly Out (FIFO) is a method of working that has some great benefits. If you aren’t familiar with FIFO, the practice…

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Truckie Bag and driver

What Makes a Perfect Truck Drivers Bag?

By Simon Sutherland | 23/07/2017

We have spent a lot of time over the past five years asking drivers what they want in a work bag. It can be tricky making everyone happy as there is such a wide variety of needs. These range from the driver that only does day shifts, through to the driver that is away from…

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Wife leaves for work

How to ease the transition when leaving and returning home

By Chris Edwards | 09/06/2017

When work regularly takes us away from home for periods of time, be it days, weeks or months at a time; the most emotionally stressful periods are generally when we are getting ready to leave or on the way home. The emotional roller coaster of life can result in departures and arrivals that can be…

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