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Wife leaves for work

How to ease the transition when leaving and returning home

By Chris Edwards | 07/03/2018

When work regularly takes us away from home for periods of time, be it days, weeks or months at a time; the most emotionally stressful periods are generally when we are getting ready to leave or on the way home. The emotional roller coaster of life can result in departures and arrivals that can be…

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Note from Daddy

How To Stay Connected With Your Kids While Working Away From Home

By Chris Edwards | 07/02/2018

Working away from home week-in and week-out is a tough gig; there’s no denying it. Trying to stay connected with your kids while you are working away from home for days, weeks or even months at a time can be a massive challenge. When you working away, typically we are very busy and before you…

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Husband leaves for work

How To Have Awesome Long Distance Relationships

By Chris Edwards | 03/01/2018

If your job takes you far from home on a regular basis, such as working as a truck driver or perhaps you’re in the military and you’ve been transferred overseas; then your relationship is going to be extremely difficult. There is no way to pull punches on this. For a relationship to survive in such…

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