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Tips For Truck Driving In Dangerous Weather Conditions

By Simon Sutherland | 08/03/2019

At the risk of telling many of you ‘how to suck eggs’ it is important at this time of year, when the seasons are changing, for a quick reminder about driving in dangerous weather conditions. Driving in Fog Driving in fog can be one of the most exhausting situations to drive in. Thick fog can…

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Truck Driver Health Tips To Keep You Safe On The Road

By Simon Sutherland | 15/02/2019

Truck drivers exert tons of effort during their long shifts. They work long-haul jobs, travelling lengthy distances with sometimes limited breaks. As such, the nature of their job can cause an unhealthy lifestyle that gives them little time to take care of themselves; including time for them to eat, exercise, or take a long rest.…

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The importance of building a strong personal support network

By Chris Edwards | 05/02/2019

Humans are social animals. In ancient times we survived because we worked together in tribal groups. Nothing has changed, we still need strong support networks and never has this been more important than for families of professional truck drivers and people that work remotely. When out on the road for work there are so many…

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