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Introducing Truckie Bag Version 5

By Simon Sutherland | 11/04/2019

It is quite coincidental our company name being NXT Journey, because the past 6 years have definitely been just that- a Journey. I grew up around trucks in our family transport business in a small Australian town called Cootamundra. After school and on weekends, most of our time was spent at the depot. My dad…

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Truck Driving With Children Passengers

By Simon Sutherland | 25/03/2019

With the Easter holidays approaching, many mums and dads begin to ask that age old question “What are we going to do with the kids?” Many families do not have the luxury of having another family member on hand to look after children during the holidays. People have to work. I remember when I was…

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Tips For Truck Driving In Dangerous Weather Conditions

By Simon Sutherland | 08/03/2019

At the risk of telling many of you ‘how to suck eggs’ it is important at this time of year, when the seasons are changing, for a quick reminder about driving in dangerous weather conditions. Driving in Fog Driving in fog can be one of the most exhausting situations to drive in. Thick fog can…

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